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Surprise Wedding Video!

27 Mar

One of my bestest and life-long friends, Allana (now Mrs Broon) got married at the weekend and I wanted to do something special, memorable and a little bit different for her big day!

Myself and the other three girls in the video, Claire, Louise and Vicky, have all been friends with Allana since we were at Darvel Nursery – almost 25 years! We had to wait on Claire coming back from Oz before we could film it and Vicky has a bun in the oven… but nonetheless we did it.

It was unveiled for the first time during the wedding speeches… and it’s a belter even if I do say so myself!

Sh*t English Teachers say in Korea…

31 Jan

I saw these tongue in cheek videos posted on a Facebook Group for ‘English Teachers in South Korea’. They sum up some of the scenarios I’ve found myself in since I’ve been in Korea, namely ‘yes I do have grey hair’, ‘do you have any western sizes?’ and ‘I love soju!’

And in this one: ‘let’s do taekwondo!’, ‘this stupid washing machine ate my clothes’, ‘do you understand ANYTHING I’m saying?’ and ‘I gotta go Skype’.