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My Virtual Wedding

16 May

Teaching abroad for a year, I was gutted that I couldn’t make it home for one of my best friend’s weddings on Sunday. But with technology these days and the best friends ever, I was still able to be a part of the wedding day celebrations.

Thank you Skype!

Check out my virtual take on Mr and Mrs Alexander’s Big Day: My Virtual Wedding

Me and the Newlyweds

Here’s to the newlyweds!


A letter to my nephew

15 Apr

To my nephew, Harris,

Welcome to the world. You’re now a month old and I haven’t met you yet. Last month was probably the most trying time for me since I’ve been in Korea. The day you arrived, the 13th March, was a bitter-sweet day for me, made worse by the fact that my big bad school didn’t grant me the holidays to come home for your arrival.

Harris Robert Thomas Calder

You won’t know this yet, but I am besotted with your big brother Lyall, and even though I haven’t met you yet, I’m already equally besotted with you. In fact it’ll be hard to hide my favouritism towards you since you’re child number 2, like me.

I was delighted when my mum, your gran Patsy, excitedly alerted me of your safe arrival at a healthy 7lb 8oz, and that your mummy, my big sister, was doing great as well. But the fact that I know I won’t meet you for another 5 months is hard-going.

You won’t even know what Skype is yet, but you’ll know all about it soon enough. Your big brother is a pro-skyper these days! It’s the best invention ever, and it means that I never miss a thing in you and your brother’s short little lives – I just wish you would be awake one of these times when I Skype you.

I hope you’re being a good boy for your mummy and daddy. You have been blessed with a huge family who have nothing but love and adoration for you. You and your big brother are going to grow up to be the best of friends and cause lots of mischief together and I can’t wait to watch you every step of the way.

I can’t wait to meet you, see you in 159 days little man!

All my love,
Auntie Lauren

He's the little brother

And he’s off!

10 Feb

The biggest downside to living abroad and away from your family, for me, is missing my nephew’s milestones as well as the impending arrival of nephew number 2 in March! My first nephew, Lyall, will turn one next Sunday (February 19th) and it’s his first birthday party on the same day. Since I’ve been away, he’s said his first words AND he’s just started walking. It’s killing me to miss these major triumphs in his little life, but thankfully Skype and my sisters iPhone make sure I never miss a thing!


A few weeks ago I received an invite to his party , I’m not going to lie, it nearly set me off! But I was the proudest auntie showing it off to all the Korean teachers – one of them even asked if she could photocopy it – I think that’s because it’s unusual for kids to have birthday parties in Korea, and even more so to send out invitations.

Lyall's 1st Birthday Invitation

Sh*t English Teachers say in Korea…

31 Jan

I saw these tongue in cheek videos posted on a Facebook Group for ‘English Teachers in South Korea’. They sum up some of the scenarios I’ve found myself in since I’ve been in Korea, namely ‘yes I do have grey hair’, ‘do you have any western sizes?’ and ‘I love soju!’

And in this one: ‘let’s do taekwondo!’, ‘this stupid washing machine ate my clothes’, ‘do you understand ANYTHING I’m saying?’ and ‘I gotta go Skype’.