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Chocolate eggs no more

25 May

Since I was almost at the legal drinking age, and the chocolate eggs were no more, Easter Sunday meant bank holiday Monday, and therefore you could find me ‘religiously’ sitting in a beer garden with my friends, enjoying a drink or two… But not this year! Easter Sunday started with a 6am rise to make it to downtown to the 10k start line.

Posing for a photo with some ‘fans’ after the race

It was HOT, and despite my training, I can assure you no personal best was recorded! Done by 9.30am, me and my cousin headed back to my apartment to paint our boiled eggs and head up Palgongsan* (Daegu’s biggest mountain) to roll them down.

Ready for the mountain!

This was not the sole reason for going up the mountain. I had been wanting to visit Donghwasa Temple for a while. I’d heard about the large standing buddha, and along with the many colourful lanterns decorating the temple in preparation for Buddha’s birthday at the end May, we weren’t disappointed.

BIG Buddha at Donghwasa Temple

A monk on a bike!

Lanterns decorate the temple for Buddha’s birthday


I have a weird fascination with the eves of temples….

*How to get to Palgongsan: Take the red subway line to Ayanggyo, then take the number 1 bus. It should cost about 1,200 won, and after about 40 minutes Palgongsan is the last stop.

It turns out i’m pretty handy with a 9mm

19 Jan

Well that’s the festivities over for another year, just in time for the Lunar (Chinese) New Year this weekend, and a long weekend at that – cheers Korea!

Around a quarter of Koreans are Christian, so Christmas isn’t  as big as it is in the Western world, it’s mainly for small kids and couples. So if it wasn’t for Christmas day falling on a Sunday this year I have no doubt I would be working it. We did get 4 days off over New Year which was nice.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t hard being away from family and friends over the holidays, but I was lucky to have the boyfriend over from Ireland for 3 weeks, and it was great to have someone new to show them the sights and do touristy things with.

Skyping the Family on Christmas day: My great aunt, my aunt, my wee cousin and my nephew

On the first day of vacation (it kills me that this Americanism has crept into my everyday vocabulary – if I say it back in Scotland someone please hit me) we went to Spa Elybaden (we got the subway to Wolchon on the red line and then used the map in the Daegu Compass to direct the taxi driver to it). It’s not your typical relaxing spa, but more like a water park, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking to chill out! It cost around 9,000 won each (about £5) and that was access all areas. We were given electronic wristbands and these could be used to hire inflatable rings and floats for the water, to hire swim caps and goggles and also for the cafe – it was a handy way to get around the place.

Practising my aim at the Daegu Shooting Range

During the day on New Years Eve we went to the Daegu Shooting Range, more for the boy than me, but I was happy enough to tag along. It’s in the Chilgok area of Daegu, which is a few miles North of the city so we had to take a taxi which cost about 10,000 won I think (£5.50). At the shooting range you could have a shot at clay pigeon shooting, rifles and hand guns. And for 28,000 won (£15) we tried all three – under the instruction and supervision of the professionals! The clay pigeon shooting was scarier than I thought – the force of the shotgun on your shoulder when it fires the capsules can be sore if you’re not holding the gun properly – which I wasn’t! So the boy won that round – I think he hit about 3 to my zero.

The hand guns were also quite scary (i’m just a big fearty really), but after some pointers from the expert it turns out I’m pretty handy with a 9mm and I hit 70/100 compared to the boy’s 48/100. I liked the rifles the most, you could have a seat whilst firing them and they were gas operated so they hardly made a sound – the gun for fearties.

The boy and the view at the top of Mt. Palgong

A few days after new year, we went up Mt Palgong, or Palgongsan as it’s known in Korea (San means mountain). It’s the biggest and most popular mountain in Daegu, and it’s about a 30 minute bus ride to get to it. I’ve heard varying reports about the time it takes to climb it, so not wanting to mess about, we took the cable car straight to the top! The views are nice (mostly just other hills), but I’ve seen better views from Ben Nevis. I think come the spring I might go back and climb it and visit some of the temples. I’d read about the ‘Love road’ on Mt. Palgong and was curious to see it. I think you’re meant to padlock two love hearts together (to represent a couple) and throw the key into the tigers mouth. If it doesn’t bite your hand as you do it, your love will last forever… apparently. Needless to say, we didn’t do it, but it was a quirky wee road nonetheless.

Woobang Tower Land
. If you haven’t been don’t bother. I used to work at a less than good theme park in Scotland (not M&Ds, the other one) and Woobang Tower Land was no better than that. For the all-inclusive price of 28,000 won (around £15) we got access to all of three mediocre roller coasters and a handful of other rides. we were there for about two and a half hours and we were bored. It was also fairly quiet, so we didn’t even waste time queuing. Some of the views across Daegu from the roller coasters were impressive, and the park itself takes its name after the Woobang Tower which is right next to it. Apparently it’s the highest tower in Asia, at 202 metres, but I’m not convinced. You can jump off it for about £20 but that’s for another day!

Me and the Woobang Tower