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I heard it through the Grape Vine…

8 Feb

A few weeks ago when I was on Mashable (one of the few websites I visit everyday) I noticed several articles about Vine. Not liking to miss a trick, I was straight on it and downloaded the app (just now it’s only available in iPhone app format).

In short,  Vine is a six-second video app. It’s only a few weeks old and owned by Twitter. The idea is to create short and simple clips to share with other Vine users as well as your friends on Facebook and Twitter etc.

Here’s what the app looks like on your iPhone:

Manchester City FC's Vine

Manchester City FC’s Vine

There’s not much else to it really. It’s fun to experiment with and see how others are getting creative with it. And it’s fascinating to see how quickly it’s catching on – when I downloaded it last week only 3 of  the 2,000 odd people I follow on Twitter had it. This week that number’s rocketed to over a 100!

Here’s one of the first clips I made:  How to draw Elvis


And he’s off!

10 Feb

The biggest downside to living abroad and away from your family, for me, is missing my nephew’s milestones as well as the impending arrival of nephew number 2 in March! My first nephew, Lyall, will turn one next Sunday (February 19th) and it’s his first birthday party on the same day. Since I’ve been away, he’s said his first words AND he’s just started walking. It’s killing me to miss these major triumphs in his little life, but thankfully Skype and my sisters iPhone make sure I never miss a thing!


A few weeks ago I received an invite to his party , I’m not going to lie, it nearly set me off! But I was the proudest auntie showing it off to all the Korean teachers – one of them even asked if she could photocopy it – I think that’s because it’s unusual for kids to have birthday parties in Korea, and even more so to send out invitations.

Lyall's 1st Birthday Invitation