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Glasgow’s 1st Christmas Parade

24 Nov

A friendly elf

Now I don’t know what I was expecting when I first heard Glasgow was going to have it’s very own Christmas parade this year, with my only prior knowledge of Christmas parades being the iconic Macy’s parade in New York (depicted in movies such as Miracle on 34th Street) I imagined floats, gigantic balloons and marching bands!

Boy was I disappointed.

On Sunday, having persuaded my friend to go and watch it with me, we were patiently waiting among the crowds  for the ‘spectacle’ to start. Waiting in the drizzly rain from 1.30pm, the parade was late in starting. I got bored and left the crowds on Buchanan street and when I returned half an hour later, expecting to see the parade in full swing, it was nowhere to be seen!

Luckily I caught the tail end of it as it headed out from Royal Exchange Square back on to Buchanan Street.

To be fair to Hamley’s (the famous toy store that organised the parade), from the 100 or so participants who took part,  the costumes were brilliant – big, bright and elaborate, they were lively and they interacted with the spectators. But I can’t help thinking that they can do better.

I’m expecting bigger things in 2013!

Christmas tree angels

Larger than life

Hamley’s bear

The Santa Express

Stormtroopers do Christmas

Hamley’s, Glasgow

Last stop Daegu!

16 Sep

I’m sitting on the bus from Seoul about an hour and a half away from my final destination of Daegu. My new flatmate should helpfully be meeting me off the bus and then we need to try and lug 45kg of luggage across the city to my new apartment. This will be doubly fun since I ripped the handle clean off my bag when lifting it off the carousel at the airport!

All in all I’ve had a fairly stress-free and uneventful journey. Both flights at Glasgow and Dubai were late in departing by around an hour but that’s about it. I managed to sneak an extra 8kg onto the flight free of charge (thankfully they didn’t weigh my hand luggage!) result! Lauren 1 – Emirates 0.

I almost missed my connecting flight at Dubai as I was too busy lapping up the free wi-fi and playing on my new MacBook – I’m in love! But despite being nearly last on the plane, the flight was near empty and I had a whole row to myself which helped me to sleep most of the way (I’ll kick jet-lags ass!) I did watch one film called ‘All Good Things’ – it was average. On the Glasgow Dubai flight I watched Invictus (which I probably rated higher than I should because I love Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman) and I also laughed my head off to Michael McIntyre. In-between the tears folk must’ve thought I was a right crazy!

Nevertheless, I met a Chinese girl on that flight called Tracy (English name). She has just graduated from Glasgow Uni in Accountancy and is now flying home to Beijing to find a job. So we swapped email addresses in case I ever happen to find myself in Beijing.

Incheon airport in Seoul is a BIG airport! It took me nearly an hour to get from the plane, transported to another terminal, through customs and to baggage claim – where you have that inevitable wait to see if your bag does actually turn up. That being said, the airport is easy to navigate and well signposted in English. I had absolutely no problem, Skyping my mum, buying a bus ticket, getting change to call the school and buying some food- and did all of that in about half an hour.

My first food on Korean soil was at Kraze Burgers (it was either that or McDonalds) so being the ‘when in Rome’ kinda girl that I am I dived right in…. and who knows, I could have had my first taste of dog and I don’t even know it!