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Junk in my Trunk

17 Feb

When I started the Cambridge plan last March I said I would post updates. I haven’t. So here is a rundown of my weight loss journey over the past 11 months:

I was off to a flying start – losing one and a half stone in my first month and another stone by June (2 ½ stones in 3 months) Wow. This diet really works.  Then I reached a plateau during the summer months – I was in Ibiza, Prague, the north of Scotland, and had several hen weekends and weddings in Montrose, Exeter, St Andrews, plus several BBQs… You get the idea. I then got back into a routine in September and lost another stone and a half by November – making it a 4 stone loss in total.

Then my consultant went AWOL in November (it turns out she was in hospital and I haven’t seen or heard from her since). Then the festivities happened. So in January (last month) I decided to go it alone. I have thrown myself into the gym, reduced my calorie intake and have been clean eating (mostly), and delighted to say I’m on my way to reaching the 5 stone loss mark.

I’m now 11 months into my diet/transformation/ lifestyle change (call it what you will) and feeling blooming brilliant! Don’t get me wrong – I still have ‘off’ days when I can’t resist the large tub of Ben & Jerry’s or when I really, really, really want two thick slices of bread rather than a wholemeal pitta – but I don’t let myself dwell on it. That’s life, I’m human.

My original goal was to lose 6 stone, and as a rough guide, be within the ‘overweight’ section of the BMI index (I know this isn’t the be all and end all, but it’s a good marker). I still have some way to go, and was hoping to reach my goal come a year since I started – which will be the 25th March 2014, but this doesn’t look likely. So I’ll press on and set another deadline – maybe by the end of May. Watch this space!

A crucial thing for me was to set specific goals at the beginning, to have tangible things to aim for, and to keep me going when I hit (several) bumps in the road. My goals were the following:

  • Being able to walk into Topshop, Warehouse etc and not have to worry if the biggest size will fit me. (I now bound on into said shops KNOWING that everything will fit me!)

  • Being able to run 10km in under 60 minutes – which I’m working hard to achieve (currently running in 66 minutes!)

  • Being under the weight restrictions to do a sky dive in Oz (more on that coming soon!)

Now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for…. The before and after photos!

I started as a size 18/20 and I’m currently a size 14. A size 12 would be ideal! It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had to address and change my eating habits – kicking the takeaways, reducing portion size, planning and preparing meals days in advance. I’ve been pinning motivational quotes on Pinterest like a mad woman, and I’ve had more words with myself than I care to remember – but it’s been worth it!

Before and After

Before and After

On top of striving to reach my goals, compliments have come in abundance – which is always nice! And none more so than a friend asking to feature my journey in her own healthy living website – read the interview here for a more in-depth perspective:

So that’s my weight loss journey in a nutshell! I hope you have found it useful, informative and maybe even inspiring. If you have any questions – please get in touch.
Now where did I put my running shoes?

‘Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same’

26 Mar

“Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same” – this is will be my mantra going forward as I start the Cambridge diet today.

It’s going to be hard – complete meal replacement in the form of milkshakes, soups and porridge for the foreseeable future – but I’m ready!

It’s took me a while to get to this point. I know losing weight isn’t rocket science, it’s simply a case of eat less/ exercise more, but I’ve been kidding myself on for too long now and I like to think I’ve got more will power than I actually do! I’m generally a healthy and active person and I’m educated on the foods I SHOULD be eating (easier said than done) but my attempts to lose weight and get fitter over the past five years haven’t  got the desired results, so it’s time to get a helping hand. Plus my friend from Uni has been doing it for 6/7 months now, lost over 5 stone  and has completely transformed her life and how she views food – she’s my inspiration!

Here’s a photo of me at my friend’s wedding last weekend – I’m big one in the orange dress. It’s by far not the worst photo of me, but come on it’s my blog, my rules! Tee hee!

My friend's wedding

My friend’s wedding

I’ll post more photos and continue to track my progress – watch this space to see how I get on!

So this is it – my own transformation starts today – wish me luck!