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Back to MAC

15 Nov

MAC, the cosmetic company, have a brilliant ‘green’ policy called ‘Back to MAC‘ whereby they give you a free lipstick when you return six empty MAC containers.


After about three years of trying to save up enough empty containers to claim my free lipstick, and often forgetting and chucking them, I finally had six. So on my lunch hour on Monday, off I popped to the MAC shop and picked my free lippy!

My free MAC lipsticks: ‘Modest’ and ‘See Sheer’

This is a big step for me. I’ve always thought of lipstick as a thing that mums wear. I’ve always been a lip gloss wearer, it feels young and funky and it doesn’t make such a bold statement on your face like lipstick does. But now that I’m getting on a bit (I’m 27) it’s time to take the leap and upgrade to lipstick. So after some help from the MAC assistant (my friend Kerry) I left the shop with not one, but two lipsticks. A safe colour called ‘Modest’ and one a little bit crazier called ‘See Sheer’.

Now I just have to learn how to apply it in a way that doesn’t look like I did it with my eyes shut!