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I heard it through the Grape Vine…

8 Feb

A few weeks ago when I was on Mashable (one of the few websites I visit everyday) I noticed several articles about Vine. Not liking to miss a trick, I was straight on it and downloaded the app (just now it’s only available in iPhone app format).

In short,  Vine is a six-second video app. It’s only a few weeks old and owned by Twitter. The idea is to create short and simple clips to share with other Vine users as well as your friends on Facebook and Twitter etc.

Here’s what the app looks like on your iPhone:

Manchester City FC's Vine

Manchester City FC’s Vine

There’s not much else to it really. It’s fun to experiment with and see how others are getting creative with it. And it’s fascinating to see how quickly it’s catching on – when I downloaded it last week only 3 of  the 2,000 odd people I follow on Twitter had it. This week that number’s rocketed to over a 100!

Here’s one of the first clips I made:  How to draw Elvis

Apostille who?

11 May

Just a wee update on where abouts I am with my Korea plans and the application process.

I have finally submitted my application to EPIK (thanks to all the help from ESL Starter who have been brilliant!). It was my two letters of recommendation that held it up – but they were worth the wait! I have been very moved by the kind-hearted and flattering comments from both referees. (Shucks)

I am now just waiting on my telephone interview time slot coming through and prepping for the questions they may ask. As the interview will be in Korean time, it will most likely take place between 1am and 7am – and I am hoping and praying that my enthusiasm shines through at that time in the morning!

I have also collected all the documents for my visa:

  • Criminal Record Check (notorized and apostilled)
  • BSc and MSc Degree certificates (notorized and apostilled)
  • Set of sealed university transcripts x 2
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Passport photos

And following a (fingers crossed) successful telephone interview I will be ready to send them off in the next few weeks.

I have also joined a forum this week and a couple of Facebook groups – all with members who are applying for the EPIK August intake. It’s good to speak to other people in the same process and share experiences and tips etc and I’ve picked up some likely questions that they ask in the interview.

I think that’s all for now. I’ll post again after my interview and share my, no doubt memorable, experience!

Tagxedo – word clouds with style

2 Sep

Being such a fan of, I was delighted when a collegue showed me! In short – its a website that turns words into into a visually stunning tag cloud. You can use a URL, Twitter ID, Blog etc to create the content for the cloud – I love it!

I used my Twitter ID to create a lovely apple shaped word cloud of my tweets.

Here’s one i made earlier using my Twitter account!