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Surprise Wedding Video!

27 Mar

One of my bestest and life-long friends, Allana (now Mrs Broon) got married at the weekend and I wanted to do something special, memorable and a little bit different for her big day!

Myself and the other three girls in the video, Claire, Louise and Vicky, have all been friends with Allana since we were at Darvel Nursery – almost 25 years! We had to wait on Claire coming back from Oz before we could film it and Vicky has a bun in the oven… but nonetheless we did it.

It was unveiled for the first time during the wedding speeches… and it’s a belter even if I do say so myself!

I heard it through the Grape Vine…

8 Feb

A few weeks ago when I was on Mashable (one of the few websites I visit everyday) I noticed several articles about Vine. Not liking to miss a trick, I was straight on it and downloaded the app (just now it’s only available in iPhone app format).

In short,  Vine is a six-second video app. It’s only a few weeks old and owned by Twitter. The idea is to create short and simple clips to share with other Vine users as well as your friends on Facebook and Twitter etc.

Here’s what the app looks like on your iPhone:

Manchester City FC's Vine

Manchester City FC’s Vine

There’s not much else to it really. It’s fun to experiment with and see how others are getting creative with it. And it’s fascinating to see how quickly it’s catching on – when I downloaded it last week only 3 of  the 2,000 odd people I follow on Twitter had it. This week that number’s rocketed to over a 100!

Here’s one of the first clips I made:  How to draw Elvis

Happy Halloween!

26 Oct

It’s Friday 26th October 2012, and for the folks of Kilmarnock, and surrounding areas, that means it’s Halloween!

Despite the fact that the rest of Scotland and the world celebrate Halloween on the 31st October, holding Halloween on the last Friday of the month has been a local custom in Kilmarnock for as long as anyone can remember.

Me dressed as Spongebob Square Pants in 2007

As a kid it never occurred to me that this tradition was odd. It wasn’t until I went to University in Dundee, and then started working in Glasgow, that I realised we did things differently in Ayrshire. Every year, it’s always met with the same humour and amazement by my friends and colleagues, as I discuss my plans for Halloween and tell them about this little known tradition.

There’s no real explanation as to why it exists today, but one suggestion is that it dates back to the industrial and mining past of the town when workers were paid on Fridays, and so they had a little bit of spare money to spend on sweets for the kids before it all went on food and bills.

I always laugh at the thought of what new comers to the town  must think of this tradition. I hope locals tell them in advance of Halloween and they aren’t left to wander the empty streets of Kilmarnock on the 31st of October!

Nonetheless, I’m quietly proud of our little peculiar custom and hope that it continues for many years to come!

Happy Halloween folks of Ayrshire!

Me dressed as fried egg in 2006

More baby chat…..

24 Mar

I’ve always hated they people that can only talk about their child/ niece/ nephew/ friends baby etc so I promise my next post won’t involve anything about my nephew or babies.

I just wanted to show the nursery now that its finished and the thank you cards that I designed for my sister for all the lovely gifts they recieved when Lyall was born.




9 Mar

Two of my friends have a hair and beauty Salon in Kilmarnock, and after recieving a grant from East Ayrshire Council they asked me if I could design them a new logo in return for free hair cuts for the rest of my life. Not a bad deal I think!

However, having come from a product design background (despite all my family and friends thinking I did graphic design?) I have never created/designed a logo or branding for a busines, and so I said I would give it a bash but wouldn’t promise anything!

So I did a bit of research on salon branding, came up with a few concepts, showed the girls my designs and what do you know they liked it!

And so here is my first professional branding project:

Adobe InDesign newbie

20 Jan

I have a lot of experience using Photoshop, and I have dabbled with Illustrator during art school days, but InDesign is all new to me – and I have to say I rather liked it! Being a member of the Adobe CS family, it had all the same standard tools and  the templates and guidelines made it easy to create this annual report for the arts marketing company I work for. It was also my first successful attempt at creating an interactive PDF. Score!

Check it out on Issuu: Culture Sparks Annual Report 2009/10

Culture Sparks Annual Report 2009/10

The Baby shower

19 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, i’ve been busy preparing for auntie-hood (serious business!) , scouring shops for baby supplies (mainly Baby Gap on my lunch), looking for nursery ideas and organsing the baby shower!

I hosted my first baby shower for my sister on Sunday, a yummy buffet, competitive games and too many presents sums up the day. I designed and, thanks my sister, made the invitations and bunting for the day and a friend of my mum’s made the themed cake.

Baby Shower Invition - Option 1

Baby Shower Invitation: Option 2

'Baby Shower' Bunting

It was a great success, my sister was completely spoiled and sent well on her way into motherhood.

My gift to my sister was an ‘Arrival & Survival Hamper’ (I have to thank my friend Kim for this idea). It’s fairly self explanatory – full of essential items that the mother needs to survive when the baby arrives.  It consisted of wine, chocolates, painkillers, big pants, santitary pads, nipple cream, new-mother vitamins (suitable for breatfeeders), hand lotion, fake tan, moisturiser, a voucher for a nail salon…. you get the idea.

'Arrival & Survival' Hamper

'ABC' Cake