Glamping on Geoje

12 Jun

Summer is finally here! Oh yeh! I don’t care if it’s too hot to sleep or that I sweat 24 hours a day, summer means an average temp of 30 degrees, I can get my tan on and I can go outside without having to wear gloves!

Gujora Beach

I officially kicked off summer a few weeks ago when I went camping on the island of Geoje with some friends. Geoje-do (‘do’ is Korean for island) is the second largest island in South Korea after Jeju. It’s only 70 miles south of Daegu but it is a bit of a mission to get. A 2 hour bus journey from Seobu bus terminal in Daegu (at Seongdangmot subway) to Tongyeong (12,000 won), transfer there for another 30 minute bus ride to Geoje (3,000 won), then a 25 minute taxi to our destination – Gujora beach (20,000 won split 3 ways). Alternatively you can get a bus for the last leg, but it takes an hour…

We got a wee bit carried away with the face paints

The mission was worth it, clean-ish beach (cleaner than any I’ve even been to in the UK anyway), cracking view, good weather, lots of drink, makgeolli funnels, BBQ, banter and body paints! The night ended by singing Oasis songs round a camp fire.  Why doesn’t every night end that way?

Wall murals in Gujora Beach town

And here is a map showing where Geoje is:



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