Two burst balls in Busan

22 May

When my cousin was still here, we went down to Busan for the day. Still hungover from another night on the makgeolli, we didn’t get there until 3 in the afternoon – we are officially the worst tourists!

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (the water temple)

With limited time, we went on several recommendations to visit Haedong Yonggungsa temple (the water temple), having already seen our fair share of temples, we were reluctant to make the hour-long bus ride out from Busan Station to reach it, but boy are we glad we did!

A monk broadcasting a chant from a prayer chamber

Built into the rocks beside the sea is what makes this temple so unique, as most temples are built in the mountains.  As is the way with every tourist attraction in Korea, it was swarming with Koreans – they love an outdoor activity! But even the crowds and the temporary scaffolding didn’t detract from the beautiful setting. What a stunning sight.

By the time we got back into the centre of Busan it was nearly 7pm. We were on a self-imposed curfew because we were running a 10k in Daegu the next day, so we really only had time to visit the fish market. But not just any fish market, only the world-famous Jagalchi Fish Market!

Jagalchi Fish Market: A man who loves his job

The ground floor was where the fish came in off the boats and all the various restaurants could be found upstairs. Quite literally from the sea to your plate. We opted for some seafood shabu shabu – a Japanese version of a hot-pot where you cook the meat, veg or seafood in the big pot of broth in the middle of the table. Along came the seafood, everything from giant muscles, scallops, snails and a live octopus… and being as ‘curious’ as I am, I removed the tongs (I later learned they were for keeping it grounded in the bowl) to take a photo of it and the little blighter squirmed right out of the bowl and onto the floor! What a fright I got! But I got my own back when I cooked it and ate it. Yum.

Seafood shabu shabu

By the time we finished dinner, we only had time for a wee wander round the night markets and a quick gander up to Busan Tower – where we saw a great panoramic of the city at night. A peaceful ending to a hectic day.

Busan Tower


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