Horn Mountain Village

22 Oct

Before coming to Korea I heard that accommodation would most likely be 6ft sq studio apartment on the 20th floor with your bedroom, living room and kitchen all in the one room. Luckily i’m sharing my 2 storey apartment with the other English teacher at the school so in Korean terms my place is massive! My bedroom is as big as my room back home and luckily I have a double bed too – even if the mattress is a bit hard. The living room is big but we don’t use it much, we have a TV that only ever seems to show golf – my dad would love it! and the kitchen is small but has everything you need – except and oven… So all in all i’m pretty chuffed with my place.

My bedroom

The living room

I live in a quiet street about a 5-10 minute walk from the school in the quiet, but upcoming, suburb of Gaksan (translates as horn mountain village) on the outskirts of the city – right at the end of the subway (red line heading east). It’s regarded as a ‘new town’ in Daegu that is ‘economically booming’ as the population of the city grows. As a result, there are loads of new apartment blocks being built and there are lots of hagwons (private schools and academies that teach everything from English, Maths, Tae Kwon Do, Piano and skipping – yes skipping!) and lots of convenient shops and restaurants. There is a big E-mart across the road from me that sells everything you would ever need and you’ll find a Starbucks and Baskin Robbins and a Burger King in there – handy for the hangovers! There is also a Pizza Hut in the area and lots of cheap little restaurants and shops that will keep me going. The only pitfall is that there isn’t many pubs in the area – i’ve only counted two so far…..

A typical apartment blocks in Korea


2 Responses to “Horn Mountain Village”

  1. adamskimatheson November 1, 2011 at 2:27 PM #

    Welcome to Asia! I hope South Korea treats you well. I’m planning to come over to South Korea for a long weekend in the spring. We should try and meet for a coffee. Let me know if you are planning to visit Japan too. I’m near Osaka which you can fly to pretty cheaply from Seoul (I have no idea how close to Seoul you are). Your other option, if you have time, is the ferry. It’s very cheap I think, but will take you a while.

    • LiveLauren November 1, 2011 at 10:17 PM #

      Hi Adam, great to hear from you! I’ve been here 6 weeks now and having a ball so far! Yep if your over in Spring i’ll def come and meet you! Where abouts are you planning on going? I live in Daegu, which is bang smack in the middle of the country, about 3 hours from Seoul. Yep everyone says i’ve to go to Japan – I can take the ferry from Busan which is only 40 minutes from me – but as you say it takes a while and I don’t have many holidays to play with – 2 days in fact! I was hoping to go home at the end of March for a week as my sister is due baby no2 then – but it’s looking less and less likely. So are you in your second year of teaching now? Are you still in the same place/ school?

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