Better to arrive late to the party than not at all right?

11 Aug

So about a month ago at the beginning of July I was told that EPIK rejected my application at the final stage.  No reasons given why (much to my frustration) and no sign of returning my costly documents for my visa application… to say I was gutted would be an understatement.

But not the kind of person to be defeated, I took the weekend to collect my thoughts and started to adjust my plan of action. I was still dead set on teaching abroad, preferrably South Korea, and with the help of the great team at Flying Cows Consulting they found me a place in a private school in no time!

The idea of working in a private school, or Hagwon, can be quite off-putting when you start to read online about all the bad experiences people have had. But as long as you do your own thorough research, speak to the other foreign teachers at the school to get their honest opinion and experiences, and of course trust your own gut instinct – then you should be ok.

Of course there are some disadvantages to working for a private school rather than a public one – namely that the orientation/ training isn’t as comprehensive, the class hours are generally later – 2-8pm, 3-10pm etc, and you get less holidays. But there are also advantages such as the class sizes are a lot smaller, the dress code is less formal and you can make better money…

Taking all that onboard I have decided to hold my breath and jump in feet first! I found out this week that I have a teaching position in a private school in Daegu and I leave 4 weeks tomorrow on the 9th September.

The school itself is called Ding Ding Dang (actually) and it is in the Dong-gu area of Daegu – North East I believe. So I have handed in my notice (for the second time now) at work and am in a mad rush to get everything organised for my new adventure. The Visa is the main thing occupying my mind right now, also the task of trying to fit my life into 2 bags of a combined weight of 37kg, organise my leaving party and start the emotional rollercoaster of saying goodbye to all my friends and family… it’s going to be tough.

On that note – i’ve got car insurance to cancel and travel adapters to buy… see you on the other side!

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